Mobile US introduces cheaper Essentials plan with unlimited data

Mobile US introduces cheaper Essentials plan with unlimited data

T-Mobile this Friday will start offering a cheaper version of its unlimited plan, dubbed T-Mobile Essentials, priced at four lines for $120.

The new T-Mobile Essentials will provide unlimited talk, text, and data (with speed caps after 50 GB of usage in a month) for just $60 per month for a single user or $30 per line per month for a family of four.

T-Mobile has announced the launch of a new lower cost "T-Mobile Essentials" plan for customers who just want the basics. T-Mobile will throttle Essential customers more than its other unlimited data plans, noting that "during times and places with heavy network demand, Essentials customers may notice slower speeds than other customers". If you add ONE Plus “for the whole family”, you can have it for the previous rate of $10 per month per line. Essentials includes unlimited talk, text, and 2G data when roaming, but only in Canada and Mexico. If not, and you don't ever go to Canada or Mexico, then I'm not sure why you wouldn't downgrade to this new Essentials plan. They've got Above Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, Beyond Unlimited, Unlimited and More...

One other tidbit in today's announcement is that T-Mobile is increasing the high-speed mobile hotspot allotment included with T-Mobile One Plus.

The plan is a viable option for those who are looking to save money on their phone bill and don't need or want Netflix and the worldwide data. Additionally, T-Mobile One includes taxes and fees in the price, while T-Mobile Essentials charges taxes and fees separately from the per-user rate.

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Keep in mind that to get to those prices, you need to agree to pay account taxes and enable auto payments. [T-Mobile] wants to make it easy. This might make things complicated for current and potential T-Mobile customers.

So how much is this all going to cost customers?

T-Mobile One Plus International, finally, is also an upgrade over ONE.

T-Mobile has always been transparent, and this move is a step backwards for the carriers entire UnCarrier movement, the last of which was UnCarrier "Next": which included the movement to eliminate taxes and fees.