NES Classic beats PlayStation 4, Nintendo's Switch, and the Xbox One

NES Classic beats PlayStation 4, Nintendo's Switch, and the Xbox One

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that after it made its way back to gamers' favorites stores, it ended up June's highest unit-selling hardware platform in the U.S., according to NPD.

This was officially revealed by a retail analyst NPD group, who has reported that NES Classic was the highest selling unit hardware platform for the month of July in 2018. Once again though, we saw Nintendo only produce them in pretty low numbers. It was so popular that stores had a hard time keeping it in stock, and now, two years later, it's still thriving: In June, it was the best-selling video game console in the United States, earning more sales than the PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch (via Boing Boing). "This is the first time a Nintendo Entertainment System console has led in monthly unit sales since [market research company NPD] tracking began in 1995". Nostalgia for decades-old games has fueled demand for retro consoles-and none of the old consoles is coveted right now as much as Nintendo's NES Classic.

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Unlike the original, the NES Classic Edition doesn't play game cartridges.

That in itself is quite an unbelievable achievement for the mini replica of the classic NES. With the Switch continuing to go from strength to strength, Nintendo is clearly finding ground in this void period while we wait for Sony or Microsoft to release their next generation of console. That means it beat the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even the Nintendo Switch in terms of sales. Tell us in the comments.