New Gmail confidential mode goes live

New Gmail confidential mode goes live

Google is today rolling out one of Gmail's modern features to mobile devices. While it's been live on the desktop for Gmail, it's not been active in the Android app...until now. On both, all you need to do is begin composing a new email, tap the more icon (three vertical dots on Android or three horizontal dots on iOS), and then select "Confidential Mode" and turn the setting on. Also, recipients of the confidential message will have numerous options that might compromise it disabled, so they won't be able to forward, copy, print, or download the message.

According to Google's support website, confidential emails have a sender-defined expiration date (from one day to five years), but access to the email can also be revoked at any time. When enabling Confidential Mode, Gmail will allow you to set an expiration timer on the attachments, as well as block the receiver's ability to forward, download, and copy the document. Google also notes users who may be infected with malicious programs that are intercepting or collecting emails may get access to these messages as well. Also, the confidential mode feature isn't now available for G Suite customers. Along with the control options, users can decide whether they will require recipients to obtain an SMS passcode before they can access the email message. For other Gmail users, these emails appear in Gmail like other messages.

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