Ryanair Irish pilots to join widening strike on August 10

Ryanair Irish pilots to join widening strike on August 10

The Forsa trade union, which had called for such a move, welcomed Ryanair's response and said it would recommend to pilots.

The Dutch Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) voted in favour of industrial action, following in the footsteps of their German and Irish colleagues.

Some 20 Ryanair flights scheduled to fly between Ireland and the United Kingdom next Friday have been cancelled ahead of the day's strike, affecting around 3,500 passengers. Sepla represents around 500 of the 800 Ryanair pilots in Spain.

Ryanair was unable to avert its first ever pilots strike on December 22 when pilots in Germany held a four-hour walkout with little impact on flights.

Last month, the budget airline criticised the strikes as unnecessary and warned that, if they continue, there could be job losses.

Spanish pilots union Sepla has announced it is suing the Irish airline in Spain's High Court over its pilot contracts.

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"This is part and parcel of life in aviation when you recognise unions", Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs told Ireland's Newstalk radio station, pointing to years of wrangling over pay and conditions at rival Lufthansa.

The union added: "The airline's escalation of the dispute last Wednesday (25 July) - when it threatened to sack 100 pilots and 200 cabin crew, or transfer them to Poland - led to a predictable hardening of resolve among its staff".

"Company management met the union the day before the first one-day strike, and two days before the second one-day strike (on July 18)".

Below are a list of the strikes that have taken place or are planned since union negotiations began.

"We now call on Forsa to accept Mr Mulvey as a third party mediator, an initiative Forsa have repeatedly called for in recent weeks", he said.

Ryanair said it has notified all customers affected and is providing refunds or alternative flights.