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School district fumbled Parkland suspect’s special-needs request, report says

School district fumbled Parkland suspect’s special-needs request, report says

"I don't understand. I just want to die", Cruz said.

According to the transcript of the interrogation, detective John Curcio offered him a glass of water. "Just f***ing kill me" when the officer left the room. According to a review of that meeting featured in the new report, school officials left out one crucial fact: Cruz was still entitled to special assistance at Stoneman Douglas if he chose to stay.

Cruz's attorneys have said he would plead guilty in exchange for a sentence of life without parole.

Details of the shooting are blacked out, but the transcript is otherwise wide-ranging, dealing with the death of Cruz's parents, his penchant for killing animals, his former girlfriend, his brother, guns, suicide attempts and, especially, the voice. He said he didn't know why he balked at doing it.

Curcio told Cruz he doesn't believe the voice exists, but Cruz insisted it was there and said he wanted to see a psychiatrist.

"You're nothin'", Cruz told himself, followed by cursing.

Twice during the interview, Cruz asked for a psychologist, "to find out what's wrong with me".

Over the course of the interview, which began shortly after 6 p.m., about four hours after the shooting, Curcio appeared increasingly incredulous at Cruz's insistence that the voice pushed him to hurt himself and others. "Like, why? Like, we've - this is not who you are".

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Cruz (above last Friday in court) said he heard a voice in his head and had been hearing them for years.

"Burn, kill, destroy what?" the detective asked.

"I'm not", Cruz responded.

"It's still fresh to me because every single day, I identify as a MSD student and the trauma that I went through", Ho-Shing said, "so there's days where I'm still crying". Parts of what was said have been redacted, indicating that they also likely include Nikolas Cruz's confession.

Runcie, who brought the PROMISE program, a social justice program aimed at eliminating the "school-to-prison pipeline", to Broward County, said the consultant's report largely reveals that the district's "systems are appropriate" and that his officials were intent on providing "an education and ongoing, changing behavioral care for Cruz throughout his time in the Broward school system".

"People think you're a monster now", Zachary Cruz told his brother, adding, "You're not acting like yourself".

This comes as more information is revealed about Nikolas Cruz and his past. However, if you or someone else is in danger or endangering others, call police immediately on 111.