Steven Seagal made Russia-US envoy

Steven Seagal made Russia-US envoy

The 66-year-old US actor was granted Russian citizenship in 2016 by President Vladimir Putin.

His duties will involve promoting bilateral ties in a wide range of fields including culture, art, science, education, sports, public and youth exchanges, that will see him participate in relevant events both in Russian Federation and overseas, and maintain contacts with U.S. partners.

"I hope we can strive for peace, harmony and positive results in the world", Seagal wrote. "I take this honor very seriously".

Russia's Foreign Ministry announced Saturday that it had made Hollywood actor and action movie star Steven Seagal its special representative for Russian-U.S. humanitarian ties, Reuters news agency reports.

According to the statement his task will be to promote US-Russia relations "in the humanitarian sphere", adding that the role will include collaboration "in the sphere of culture, public and youth exchanges", TASS reported.

The unpaid position for the B-movie star, who has been a Russian citizen since 2016, is similar to that of a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Seagal received Russian citizenship in 2016. He often visits Russian Federation and repeatedly expressed his affection for this country.

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The countries have also been at odds over the Syrian civil war and the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Speaking to press after the announcement, Seagal said he was "sincerely grateful" to the Russian ministry for the honour.

Seagal, who has warm ties with President Vladimir Putin and was granted Russian citizenship in 2016, said he was "deeply humbled and honoured" by the appointment.

Putin had previously proposed Seagal for the position of honorary consul of Russian Federation in California and Arizona in 2013, Buzzfeed News wrote, citing USA officials.

Apart from his commitments with Russia, Seagal has co-signed dubious cryptocurrency schemes and has been accused by numerous women, including Portia De Rossi and Bond actress Rachel Grant, of abuse and sexual harassment.