Suspect in shootout in Fredericton identified

Suspect in shootout in Fredericton identified

Raymond killed four people, two of them police officers.

Trudeau said the people of Fredericton "are courageous, strong, and resilient".

"It's just not supposed to happen here", she said, her voice catching.

Burns sat next to MacLeod at the head table where she talked about her husband, her children and her parents.

Fitch did confirm, however, that one of the officers who responded to the shooting on the city's north side was wearing a camera, although she wouldn't say which one.

Burns' family expressed sympathy for the families of Costello and the other victims, and asked for privacy as they grieved.

The city has been on edge since the shootings Friday, and even the common-law partner of fallen officer Const. Robb Costello responded to the reports of the Saturday incident. Costello and other fellow officers filed a criminal libel complaint against him over inflammatory internet postings and statements about the force.

The young Canadian's message is just one of many shows of support from people who never knew the victims, but are still grieving with the small New Brunswick city.

Burns told a newspaper in 2015 that she saw policing as a demanding career.

"(Policing) is something that I think challenges you physically, mentally and socially; you need to be aware of those components", she told the Journal Pioneer. "It's a really challenging field and to survive you need to keep all of those in check", she said when she first applied to police academy.

Burns went into policing after earning a bachelor of arts degree from Fredericton's St. Thomas University with a major in criminology in 2014, according to city records.

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In an online video posted soon after the shooting, LeBlanc said he was woken by a police officer wondering if he might have been involved in the shooting.

"It was really important that she understood mental health, and what some youth finding themselves at risk might be going through".

"She was an exceptional police recruit". Frank Deschenes, who was killed in a roadside crash a year ago, and shared an article about the high rate of suicide among first responders.

"Obviously with circumstances, I was honoured to be able to spend some time with our police services here and with their families, who we obviously stand together with", he said.

Even after the initial gunfire, she said the true gravity of the situation only hit her when more police in tactical gear arrived in an armoured vehicle, and she saw them mounting "a big gun" on the roof.

They also expressed condolences to Costello.

Jackie McLean tweeted: "What a thing to read while you work on writing your spouse's obituary".

"Robb was very adamant ... that if something was ever to happen to him he did not have a sad funeral", she said.

Friends and family took to the Facebook status announcing Wright and Robichaud's relationship to mourn on Saturday. Robichaud, a local musician, had two teenage sons and a daughter.

The next day, officials identified the alleged gunman as 48-year-old Matthew Vincent Raymond, who is facing four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths.

A New Brunswick man charged with killing four people in one of the deadliest shootings in the province's history had a firearms licence and allegedly used a gun that can be legally obtained in Canada, police said Monday as they urged the public to be patient during the ongoing investigation.