Vienna tops list of world's most liveable cities in 2018

Vienna tops list of world's most liveable cities in 2018

Below is a ranking of the top and bottom cities surveyed, accompanied by the liveability rating for every city.

Calgary was also given flawless scores in most categories, except culture and environment, where it got a 90.

The only cities which were scored lower than Lagos on the ranking are Syria and Bangladesh, both cities have been plagued with unrest in recent times.

A long-running contender to the title, Vienna has succeeded in displacing Melbourne from the top spot, ending a record seven consecutive years at the head of the survey for the Australian city.

"Osaka's improvements in scores for quality and availability of public transportation, as well as a consistent decline in crime rates, have contributed to higher ratings in the infrastructure and stability categories respectively", said the unit's report.

Manchester is the most liveable city in the United Kingdom, according to a major annual survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

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Australia had Melbourne, Sydney (fifth) and Adelaide (10th) while Canada had Calgary (fourth), Vancouver (sixth) and Toronto (joint seventh).

The global league table ranks 140 cities on a range of factors, including political and social stability, crime, education and access to healthcare.

"Although the cities ranked among the most liveable in the world remain largely unchanged, there has been pronounced movement within the top tier of liveability", the report said. Its many green spaces include lakes with popular beaches and vineyards with sweeping views of the capital. But while Melbourne extended its lead in the culture and environment component, that was outweighed by Vienna's improved stability ranking.

London for instance ranks 48th.

In addition to the generally improved security outlook for western Europe, Vienna benefited from its low crime rate, the survey's editor Roxana Slavcheva said.