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Violence erupts amid Gaza cease-fire, 2 Palestinians killed

Violence erupts amid Gaza cease-fire, 2 Palestinians killed

On Friday, a few thousand protesters gathered at various locations along the border, setting tyres ablaze and throwing stones, but in smaller numbers than in previous weeks, AFP correspondents said.

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said paramedic Abdullah al-Qatiti was killed during the clashes.

The European Union on Friday said "the death of the pregnant Palestinian mother and her child in this latest escalation is a tragic loss".

Rockets fired by Hamas have not killed any Israelis. During that time, a Gaza sniper killed an Israeli soldier.

The riots began in March and was dubbed by Hamas as a "March of Return" to protest Israel and to bring attention to the Palestinian cause.

The protests along the border dubbed have been the greatest threats to Israeli security in the region since operation Protective Edge due to the combination of terror tunnels, riots, attempted infiltrations and the use of incendiary items.

A 55-year-old Palestinian, Ali al-Alul, was killed by Israeli fire on the same stretch of the border.

The deadly riots came after a 12-hour lull of fighting between Israel and Hamas which saw over 200 rockets and mortars fired from the coastal enclave towards southern Israeli communities and over 150 retaliatory strikes by Israeli jets.

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Earlier on Friday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri celebrated Hamas's supposed achievements during the latest flare-up of conflict, saying it "proves Israel can be defeated".

"Yet their ability to avoid renewed war is becoming increasingly constrained with each cycle of violence", Lovatt added.

So, let's keep in mind the disaster, the war that Israel is facing right now in Gaza when we continue to talk about the so-called peace process even though there doesn't seem to be a peace partner not just in Gaza but in the West Bank with Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah.

He said another 25 Palestinians were hit by Israeli fire, with one in critical condition after being shot in the head.

In the early days of the protest movement, Palestinians were seen demonstrating regularly in the leadup to Nakba Day - the commemoration of the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes during the creation of Israel - and the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

Most were killed by Israeli fire during the protests but others died in air strikes.

Violence erupted at the Gaza border Friday after the territory's militant Islamic Hamas rulers and Israel appeared to be honoring a cease-fire that ended two days of intense violence amid efforts by neighboring Egypt to negotiate between the two sides.