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Warmer weather could last until October, Met Office says

Warmer weather could last until October, Met Office says

The prolonged heatwave baking Britain in temperatures consistently above 30C is forecast to end this week as low pressure from the Atlantic Ocean brings cooler and wetter weather.

Temperatures are predicted to drop by as much as ten degrees in some areas of the United Kingdom this week.

There could also be rain in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland but the rest of England and Wales should stay dry.

The Met Office said: "While many places will miss the heaviest rain, thunderstorms are likely to affect parts of east and south east England during Tuesday afternoon and particularly into the evening".

However the increase could be just one or two degrees above average temperatures - which are 19C, 16C and 13C for August, September and October respectively. "Top temperatures for the next few days will be slightly below normal and around 15 to 18 degrees in light to moderate mainly westerly winds".

While Wednesday in Brighton looks set to remain dry, Met Office forecasts suggest that there is a significant likelihood of rain on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.

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"This also increases the chances of above-average United Kingdom temperatures, particularly in the early part of the forecast period".

The Met Office report said: 'For August to October, above-average temperatures are more likely than below-average.

It comes amid a sweltering European heatwave, with Portugal and Spain being hit by the hottest temperatures.

Temperatures could potentially peak at 34C (91.4F) in Essex or Norfolk on Tuesday, after a balmy weekend where the hottest temperature on Sunday was 30.2C (86.36F) recorded in Northolt, Greater London, the Met Office said.

More low pressure from the Atlantic looks set to arrive by the weekend, threatening every region of the United Kingdom with torrential downpours and cooler temperatures.

Britons heading back to work after the weekend sunshine will be loosening their ties for two more sweltering days before the heatwave cools off.