Will Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt return in Mission: Impossible 7?

Will Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt return in Mission: Impossible 7?

Thank you, Tom Cruise, for all that you do for us.

Meanwhile, the director recently revealed that Henry Cavill was asked to sport a moustache in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" on a "whim". And of course the first team member that's always the first guy we talk about killing is Luther.

A few lucky (and intrepid) fans were treated to a screening of Mission: Impossible - Fallout at Pulpit Rock (also known as Preikestolen), a sky-high location above the Lysefjord that's found in Forsand in western Norway. "How do you build a sequence there and how long can we have that sequence?" So I said to Jeremy, look we can't kill Ving, it's never going to work.

"Fallout" topped the weekend box office in North America, outperforming the five earlier editions of the stunt-filled Tom Cruise action franchise, final figures showed Monday. Gotta keep those options open, I suppose.

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While Cruise has always been a committed performer, doing the rock climbing sequence at the beginning of Mission: Impossible II himself, McQuarrie's tenure has been marked by an increased commitment to practical effects, with his mega-rich star hanging off a flying plane for Rogue Nation.

Mission: Impossible's consistency at starting fresh carries over to its cast, where the recurring members can be counted on your fingers.

Tom Cruise broke his leg doing this stunt, shutting down production for six weeks.

I didn't miss the Brandt character at all in Fallout, but I don't blame Renner for wanting to stay alive in case they decide to bring him back in a future film. Fallout had the series best opening at 61.5 million dollars in the US. For the first time in the franchise's history, it has a returning director, Christopher McQuarrie, who really knows what he is doing with this genre. If you've enjoyed any of Cruise's previous Mission: Impossible films there is no reason you would not enjoy this.