Apple launches iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Apple launches iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

The trio of new devices offers a chance to do the same.

And with iPhone owners, the issue is even more acute.

Battery life is slightly improved over last year's iPhone X. The iPhone XS can last 30 minutes longer than last year's phone, and the XS Max lasts 1.5 hours longer.

Apple on September 12 announced the follow-up to the 2017 flagship iPhone X with the newest iPhone XS, XS Max and the "budget" iPhone XR.

But it's still too early to assess the impact of the most significant addition to the new devices - eSIM technology.

From there, the differences are minor, with one huge exception: The iPhone XS Max will be the company's largest phone ever. Embedded SIM cards have been included in a number of Android-powered devices, while they are an essential component of cellular-powered Internet of things (IoT) devices.

It's an engineering marvel that Apple's been able to pack in so much screen, so many sensors and so much processing power into such a small space. Thanks to its neural engine and ISP that's identical to the iPhone XS, the performance is still excellentl.

The US Food and Drug Administration said it worked with Apple to develop apps for the Apple Watch.

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Its "next-generation gyroscope" means the Watch 4 is capable of detecting when the user has a fall, based on the arm motions of its user as they tumble, and is also fitted with software that lets users take an electrocardiogram, the first over-the-counter device to do so.

"Dual-SIM support is another feature worldwide markets will appreciate", add analysts from IHS Markit.

"This feature also provides an incentive to upgrade to the new devices, for users who might have just upgraded previous year, but have been waiting for Dual-SIM support for their personal and business lines for some time". With the introduction of iPhones ditching the Apple-made feature of 3D Touch, it could spell the death of one of Apple's most promising features, even if no one really uses it. And some will carry other new features such as two SIMs-microchips that allow smartphone users to connect to a wireless network-making it easier for travelers to use their phones overseas, these people said. It predicts average iPhone selling prices will rise by $20. All three have Apple's new A12 chip and Face ID, but the XS models feature more vivid OLED displays. Sticking with the premium pricing model they started a year ago, the Xs is priced at $1,000, and the Xs Max will set you back $1,100, making it most expensive production iPhone ever. We don't have much information on the specifications here other than the new dual-CPU is 64-bit capable and is promised to perform twice as fast as it's predecessors - which used Arm's Cortex A7.

While online sentiment was mixed, an obvious key focus was the high price tag - also a target of criticism around the launch of the iPhone X a year ago.

Apple also highlighted its recycling program called GiveBack.

Of course these three different phones have three different sized screens: 5.8 inches for the iPhone Xs, 6.1 inches for the iPhone Xr, and 6.5 inches for the iPhone Xs Max.

Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in regular and Plus sizes.