Apple launches not one, but three new iPhone models!

Apple launches not one, but three new iPhone models!

However, in order to keep a strong foothold in the premium segment and increase the accessibility, they have toned down the XS to shape it in the form of iPhone XR.

If you're using a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 or older, would you consider getting the iPhone XR? Even though iPhone XR looks more or less the same as the other two phones and even has similar specifications, there are some subtle changes.

With a bigger screen comes a whopping 3 million pixels, so you will view photos, videos, and games sharpest on the iPhone XS Max.

All the new features and sensors have no ill effects on battery life, claims Apple.

That combination of price, design, and features could make it popular with Apple fans who have been holding on to ageing phones.

The latest iPhone models are just getting more expensive. Apple calls it the Liquid Retina display that measures 6.1-inches and renders at 1792 x 828-pixel resolution with 326ppi. The device kills the 3D touch feature but added some haptic feedback, so the screen vibrates a bit in response to touch.

The iPhone Xr is also splash and water resistant, with a rating of IP67, and will also come in six new finishes: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and the exclusive (PRODUCT) RED edition, which helps raise awareness and inspire action to fight HIV/AIDS.

Apple launches not one, but three new iPhone models!
Apple launches not one, but three new iPhone models!

It comes as no surprise that Apple builds on last year's iPhone X to create an updated "S" version, as it does every alternate year.

Instead of swiping to summon Apple's Control Center and tapping the icon, you'll now be able to press dedicated flashlight and camera buttons on your iPhone's lock screen. The new 12 megapixel cameras have bigger sensors and an improved HDR mode. The back of the phone is also glass, which allows for wireless charging. It looks like it works well, too, though I didn't have much time to play with it.

After crunching the (early) numbers, Digitimes Research has issued its first post-announcement estimate, forecasting a grand total of more than 85 million unit shipments for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR in the second half of 2018 alone.

Here are some of the cool ways that the new iPhone XS and its counterparts take a step further into the future.

There's also Dual-SIM support but for those outside of China would need to use an e-SIM for the secondary connection.

All the upgrades to this year's iPhones are internal. The difference between the XR and the XS comes primarily in the screen, camera, and modem.

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