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Australian PM Scott Morrison apologises for freakish social media video

Australian PM Scott Morrison apologises for freakish social media video

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has again responded to criticism of the unusual Fatman Scoop video his team posted on social media last night, telling reporters in Sydney that using the track Be Faithful was the wrong call - and admitting he hasn't finished his quest to connect to everyday Australia.

The clip was accompanied by a caption that read (and I apologise in advance for this): "QT was on fire today", followed by the fire emoji. While the snippet posted on Morrison's social media accounts was not explicit, the post was crticised as "bizarre".

Some political observers said the post raised questions about whether Mr Morrison, who became prime minister three weeks ago, and his team were fully equipped for the top job.

'People! Its a fun PARTY SONG that has no NEGATIVITY or HARM in it!'

The post has been deleted since them.

The tweet was shared widely online and the prime minister was slammed for his use of lyrics and suggestions the post could have been illegal.

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Discussing the short clip, which showed members of the Coalition raising their hands in Parliament to 2004 hit's hook, Morrison said "a bit of fun but it's quite clear that that's not a song that's on my playlist".

Those lyrics, as you may remember from hearing them on dance floors at nightclubs after 2am, were Fatman Scoop repeatedly encouraging people to "get your hands up".

'Watched the video and figured this was a parody account.

One user delivered a burn to the prime minister pointing out that he didn't have enough women to reach the second verse of the song. Single ladies! Make noise!

However, the other lyrics of the song proved contentious.