CBB Winner Ryan Thomas Talks About Forgiving Roxanne Pallet Over 'Punching' Scandal

CBB Winner Ryan Thomas Talks About Forgiving Roxanne Pallet Over 'Punching' Scandal

Roxanne earned criticism during her recent spell on Celebrity Big Brother for accusing fellow contestant Ryan Thomas of punching her in the ribs.

She explained: "I wanted to say what happened?"

But after watching the video, she confirmed: "Well, that's not true".

Laying into Roxanne, the Look Who's Talking star said the actress had risked ruining Ryan's career and livelihood with her claim. I certainly didn't know for 48 hours. That looks like he didn't even make contact.

The show, which has been off the air for six years, follows a bunch of celebrities as they are cooped up in a coach travelling across Spain and given various tasks to complete by host Brendan Sheerin.

As Jeremy showed a clip of Ryan crying in the Diary Room in the direct aftermath of the allegations, Ryan became lost for words as he fought back tears.

The incident: Kirstie was also shown the footage of the incident and said: "That was it?!"

Thomas went on, admitting that he had no idea how the whole thing started off. [Punchgate] is just a tiny bit of my journey.

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'There's no element of time and the boredom. everything is heightened.

"It caught me by surprise, that house when something like that happens, it can become very isolated".

Following the Celebrity Big Brother final, 3rd place housemate Dan Osborne has revealed Rodrigo Alves was removed from the House after an "incident" with him.

On setting in to the house, she revealed: "I had a really good time - and when I made a decision to stop messing around I just really started having a really good time". She's suffering enough. I don't want to be part of it'.

When asked if he would forgive Roxanne and meet up with herm Ryan replied: "I think Roxanne has been through a lot, CBB makes headlines and sometimes for the wrong things".

On the subject of meeting up with Roxanne to hash out their issues, Ryan stated: 'It's something looking forward that I don't want to dwell on.

Following Roxanne's "CBB" accusation, she dubbed herself the "most hated girl in Britain", and quit her radio breakfast show on Minster FM, and her titular role in forthcoming panto "Cinderella".