Femenist's Have Found A New Thing To Whinge About, New Apple iPhones

Femenist's Have Found A New Thing To Whinge About, New Apple iPhones

Here is everything you need to know about the new iPhones, including specs and prices. We show you what it can do.

With two of its three 2018 models sporting a screen measuring in excess of 6-inches, Apple's policy toward the iPhone's screen size has certainly changed under the leadership of current CEO Tim Cook.

Meanwhile, the larger iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099 for the 64GB base model, and the 512GB can cost you $1,449. Recent reports had mentioned that Apple would be launching a much bigger device and they were right.

British feminist journalist Caroline Criado-Perez concurred, claiming that the increased size of the iPhone 6 had given her repetitive strain injury because it was too big for female hands. Plenty of professionals will be able to get most of their (digital) work done on this device.

The Sun also explained that as the iPad Pro comes in two sizes, the 10.5-inch starting at £619 and the 12.9-inch at £769, added storage and WiFi connectivity can drive the cost up to £1,249 and we could see a dramatic price increase for this product in a similar way to the iPhone past year.

Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is scheduled to go on sale in India on September 28. The Max version starts at $1099, making it $99 more expensive than its small brother and the iPhone X.

The three names of the packs include XR Suit, XS Suit and XS Max Set.

Apple sells the iPhone XS and XS Max in three boring traditional color options: silver, space grey, and gold. Ten years into the iPhone revolution, most major websites now have a phone-friendly version that will look great and let you get down to business on that screen.

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This year's iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, so expect 12.5 to 13.5 hours. This year, the company is launching two iPhones with OLED displays.

The iPhone XR is the most affordable option among the new lineup, but it starts $50 higher than the iPhone 8 a year ago.

The new record was iPhone XS Max. But unless you're using your camera's zoom a lot, the iPhone XR camera experience will be almost identical to that on the iPhone XS.

Unlike the iPhone XS series, the iPhone XR features a LCD display.

The budget iPhone XR is $750, which is considerably higher than the cheapest of the 2017 lineup - the iPhone 8.

The low price means that the XR does not come with some of the big features found on its big brothers.

"Everything we've been hearing, it's been an issue on the software side", Ryan Reith, IDC's vice president of research on mobile devices, told the publication, "There's a lot of software involved with the LCD screen, as it's the first [LCD display] with a notch and full screen".