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Mexico must be ready for bilateral US trade deal, says minister

Mexico must be ready for bilateral US trade deal, says minister

"If that is not possible we are ready to advance bilaterally with the USA the agreement in principle that we closed with the positive for Mexico because it preserves free trade and modernizes our trade agreement".

Mexico is prepared to move ahead with an updated version of the North American Free Trade Agreement that does not include Canada if Ottawa and Washington can not resolve their differences, the country's chief negotiator said Thursday.

The report said Trump groused about Canada's negotiators and expressed his frustration with the neighbour to the North. "On the whole speaking, the United States obtained its wish record on mental property within the tackle Mexico", talked about Michael Geist, a law professor on the College of Ottawa and Canada Research Chair in Net and E-commerce Law. The Americans and Canadians have been negotiating since to see whether they can reach an arrangement that would allow all three countries to move forward. U.S. President Donald Trump says he will ditch Canada unless it quickly makes concessions.

Trump triggered a renegotiation of NAFTA just days after taking office, and formal talks kicked off in August 2017. It was expected Ms. Freeland might return on Thursday, but this did not happen. Ms. Freeland and her US counterpart discussed the possibility of resuming face-to-face negotiations as early as Tuesday, but no date has yet been set, a government official said.

Trump said that the new name could be the USMC, or US-Mexico-Canada pact.

US trade laws dictate that there is an October 1 deadline to produce the text of a pact that all three nations can sign before the current Mexican government leaves office on November 30.

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The president signaled a harsher tone towards Canada on trade issues earlier this month, tweeting that America should not have to "buy" its friends with trade agreements that do not benefit American consumers.

"We have seen various deadlines put forward as markers to work for", Trudeau said.

He shrugged off Mr. Trump's suggested new name for NAFTA, saying it's not something he's thought about. "That's the compromise I would expect".

"We're focused on making sure we're delivering good jobs and growth for Canadians and opportunities for all of us."

It's not clear that September 30 is a hard deadline for Canada because, as trade watchers have noted, the terms of agreement with the Canadian government could be added to the revised NAFTA deal even after legislation was drawn up. Some members of the U.S. Congress have also threatened to hold up a deal that excludes Canada.

He says, "Canada does not want to agree with the United States on the administrative panels for settling trade disputes. Some in Congress, along side Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, contain rejected Mr. Trump's notion, announcing the proposed deal would now not circulate the Senate except it incorporated Canada, which he described because the United States" "finest trading accomplice".