Missy Elliott surprises viral video star who sang "Work It"

Missy Elliott surprises viral video star who sang

On Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Mary Halsey - the woman who rose to fame after a video of her performing Elliott's "Work It" at a Rhode Island barbecue went viral over the summer - stopped about to talk about her new-found fame and then received the surprise of a lifetime when the rapper appeared on stage to perform the hit alongside her. The ensuing clip went viral thanks to Halsey's intensely enthusiastic and accurate performance. She entered a karaoke contest that year and chose to try her hand at the infectious song.

Now Elliott and Halsey have officially performed the classic song together. Halsey was no exception, and took the host up on her invite, Entertainment Weekly reports. The duo especially had fun with the "get your hair did" lyric.

Missy Elliott met her "funky white sister" during a surprise appearance on "Ellen". Don't let anyone tell you that dreams don't come true. "So when I listen, I'm like, she know all the words, but the sound effects - she made the elephant noise, all of that ..."

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"I learned; and I read the words; and I studied it and the reaction that I got was so positive that it became my go-to song", she said. "When she first said, 'Missy's funky white sister, ' I'm like, 'Who is this?!'" said Missy. "I thought it was the most fantastic thing".

"And of course, I am her funky white ― Missy's funky white sister ― IN THE HOUSE!"