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New EU-AU partnership to create 10 million jobs

New EU-AU partnership to create 10 million jobs

Under the plan, which requires the approval of the European Council and the European Parliament, the last mandatory change to summertime would take place on Sunday 31 March 2019.

Composed of experts from the European Border and Coast Guard, the EU Agency for Asylum and Europol, the teams will be coordinated by the Commission. That is why we are going to take for the first time the step of proposing legislation that puts obligations directly on the platforms.

Looking at the slow, but steady recovery from the global economic crisis, Juncker noted that Europe's economy had grown for 21 consecutive quarters.

In an apparent attack on the Leave movement, Juncker said member states of the European Union should "say "no" to unhealthy nationalism" which is "riddled with poison and deceit".

As many as 165,000 immigrants arrived in Scandinavian in 2015 alone. When asked people in Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stop the clock changes and I think we must all listen to the citizens of Europe on this.

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed a new alliance with Africa to deepen economic relations and boost investment and jobs.

Africa does not need charity, it needs true and fair partnership.

Notably, Juncker also pushed for the European Union's official currency, the euro, to gain ground as a global trade currency.

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Delivering his "State of the Union" address in Strasbourg on Wednesday morning, the Commission President underlined the EU's rejection of any plan that breaks up the key components of the single market, which guarantees freedom of movement for goods, services, people and capital.

Juncker's showpiece speech is his last before May elections that will pit Europe's rising populist forces against his centrist supporters, and he issued a rallying cry to maintain a "continent of tolerance and openness".

The set-piece speech will be Juncker's fourth such state of the union.

Shifting to a qualified majority would allow the European Union to decide on controversial matters without having every member state on board.

"In general, we must do more to revive the lost art of compromise".

Poland, which has broken ranks by suggesting in a closed-door meeting of the remaining 27 European Union states that they may have to pick between a tough stance on Ireland and having any deal with Britain, also sent a positive signal to London.

The Commission has already started a rule-of-law procedure, called Article 7, against Poland because of concerns over the independence of the country's judiciary. Once adopted, the new law will give more power to artists, news and traditional media companies as opposed to tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google, says Deutsche Welle.