Prince Charles Is More Obsessed With Meghan Markle Than We Are

Prince Charles Is More Obsessed With Meghan Markle Than We Are

Samantha accused the Duchess of Sussex of putting on "fake waves and smiles" in her most recent public rant, after it was revealed Meghan hasn't spoken to their father in months.

According to the Daily Star, the former social worker is learning about breastfeeding and lactation consultancy, basic baby care, CPR and first aid through the Cradle Company in Pasadena, Los Angeles. "There's a high price to pay to be married to that family".

"It's quite a theatrical-based technique", Judi James tells Cosmopolitan.

'Meghan arrived in the United Kingdom as a confident, eloquent, grown-up bride-to-be with a glittering Hollywood career on her CV, ' Judi explained.

Right from the very start we could see during their engagement appearances that it was Meghan controlling, leading and reassuring Harry via gestures like arm-rubs, pats and other subtle tie-signs.

"They wanted to hit the ground running after their marriage to focus on their charitable interests and Meghan is really looking forward to representing Her Majesty on her first major Commonwealth tour to Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand", the source said, adding that Meghan has been "busily preparing and doesn't want to make a wrong step". "She's finding it hard to know who to trust".

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"If you treat your own father like this, Harry is next". He's also served with the military so taking a more compliant role might have caused ego and status problems'.

Meaning if you randomly sent Meghan Markle a locket that says "Suits 4EVA", chances are she didn't get it. I think she's under too much pressure.

According to author Angela Levin, the Duchess feels she needs to "protect" her prince - as he continues to deal with the emotional burden of his mother's tragic death.

Last week, the lovely Meghan Markle attended a gala event with her husband, Prince Harry.

'Hierarchy is clearly and emphatically defined in the acting profession. They also enjoyed a pre-wedding trip to the ballet.