Russian cosmonaut allays concern about hole in space station - Ireland

Russian cosmonaut allays concern about hole in space station - Ireland

Russian daily Kommersant reported Wednesday that a Russian space agency investigation is probing the possibility usa astronauts deliberately drilled the hole in order to get a sick colleague sent back home.

Rogozin made the comments after Russian newspaper Kommersant quoted unnamed sources as saying that the commission investigating the recent incident on the ISS is looking into the theory that the hole in the station's hull was drilled by one of the U.S. astronauts who are now manning the spacecraft. The leakage was attributed to a tiny hole in the Russian Soyuz capsule that is now docked at the space station. Fast forward to present day and not only is that theory is still alive and well, but the Russian media has taken its claims to another level, reporting that the hole was drilled by a NASA astronaut so that a sick crew member could leave the mission early and return to Earth.

"As you can see everything is calm on board, we are living in peace and friendship as always", said 43-year-old cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev in the video.

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The commission was formed on the order of Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin and will be headed by his first deputy Nikolai Sevastyanov, the state corporation said in a statement. "Please don't worry we're all right". The crew traced the problem to a small hole in the Soyuz spacecraft.

"Spreading rumors and speculation about what has happened on the ISS [International Space Station] does not help experts in their work and is seeking to undermine the camaraderie in the station's crew". It's entirely possible that it could have been caused by a manufacturing defect. It is known that NASA astronauts are actively working on the ISS, and in the case of the renewal of joint flights of Russian cosmonauts will fly to the station on the ships of the American Agency. They were carried by the Soyuz spacecraft.