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Sheriff: Border Patrol Agent Suspected Of Killing 4 Women

Sheriff: Border Patrol Agent Suspected Of Killing 4 Women

District Attorney Isidro Alaniz said Mr Ortiz, who had been with the Border Patrol for 10 years, was set to face four charges of murder and one of aggravated kidnapping.

Investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the killings.

Texas authorities have charged a U.S. Border Patrol supervisor with murdering four female sex workers during a two-week killing spree that ended when a fifth woman escaped from him and found help.

Border Patrol agents are great men and women who work hard to keep us safe, and we thank them for their work.

Authorities didn't disclose the victims' names or nationalities but said they may have been prostitutes.

"He was profiling certain kinds of victims", Alaniz said, adding "the suspect was hunting for his victims".

Officers were looking for Juan David Ortiz after a fifth woman escaped from him and contacted police, AP reported.

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It was not immediately known whether Ortiz has an attorney.

US Customs and Border Protection issued a statement saying that it was fully cooperating with the investigation.

While it was not agency policy to comment on the details of an ongoing investigation, Meehan said, criminal conduct by CBP employees is not and will not be tolerated.

His statement added: "Our sincerest condolences go out to the victims' family and friends".

Alaniz said the case broke Friday when a woman was reportedly kidnapped and escaped. According to local media reports in Laredo, 150 miles (240 km) southwest of San Antonio, they had been working as prostitutes. He was found hiding in a truck.

The Texas Rangers, along with the Webb County Sheriff's office, launched an investigation after Melissa Ramirez, 29, a mother of two, was found slain September 4.

"We feel that our efforts have gathered strong evidence against this killer".