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Air India flight hits compound wall at Trichy Airport, all passengers safe

Air India flight hits compound wall at Trichy Airport, all passengers safe

Passengers of a Dubai-bound Air India Express flight escaped unhurt after their aircraft hit a wall at the airport here in the early hours of Friday, officials said. All passengers were landed safely at Mumbai airport and another aircraft from Mumbai to Dubai was arranged. The matter was conveyed to the pilot in command.

Tamil Nadu Tourism Minister Vellamandi N Natrajan, who assessed the spot, said, "The flight which was to go to Dubai during take-off had its take-off wheel hitting on the compound wall and the air traffic level".

There were 136 passengers and crew members on-board the aircraft, which took off from here and later landed at Mumbai after four hours, they said. The crew, however, made a decision to divert the Boeing 737 aircraft to Mumbai. "The pilot in command reported that the aircraft systems were operating normally".

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Hurtling down the Trichy airport runway at 250 kilometres per hour, an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 struck poles at the end of the runway, rammed into the perimeter wall but still managed to fly. However, they were asked to divert to Mumbai anyway as a precaution, NDTV reported.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has also initiated a probe into the matter. It was later declared fit for operations after inspection at Mumbai airport. "The two pilots have been derostered pending investigation", it said.

Airport sources said one of the three VHF antennae on the aircraft was believed to have been damaged in the incident.