New Pixel phones are out today

New Pixel phones are out today

Google will unveil its Pixel 3 flagship later today with some major upgrades expected to feature on this popular smartphone brand. One has shown up for the new Pink coloured Pixel 3 at a United States retailer.

Join us October 9, at 11am ET, when Google will take the wraps off its 2018 hardware lineup. It'll then make the YouTube video available on its site, if you want to watch it after it aired.

The Home Hub will be connected to Google's Assistant, enabling it to display weather, calendar events, recipes and other pertinent information on the screen, according to, which first published the images.

What will Google present on October 9th?

The front of the two phones will be drastically different from the Pixel 2, though.

Pixel 3 is likely to use an octa-core Qualcomm chipset, an Ardreno 630 GPU, and have 4GB of RAM. They'll be joined by a Pixel Stand.

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Last year's Pixel 2 arrived with bugs that prompted user complaints about unwanted noises during calls, a crashing camera app and an unexpected screen tint. With several rumours and leaks that are already doing rounds in the market, it is believed that Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices will carry considerable changes as compared to the predecessor along with several colour variant options. On the front part is present the LCD by 7 inches, while on the basis are integrated speaker and microphones. As per FCC filings, it is supposed to add Bluetooth and improved 5GHz Wi-Fi support.

As usual, we are expecting around five or so Google products at this event.

The selling price in the United States should be around $ 149, but for now, there is no confirmation on this point.

The firm released the first pair of Pixel Buds to go along with the Pixel 2 past year, and now it's widely believed that it will release a refreshed pair to go with the new lineup of Pixel phones. That's about the leaked pictures of the Pixel 3 XL. It is not clear if it will be provided with cellular connectivity.

The renders of the Pixel Slate features dual front-facing speakers, a USB-C port and a fingerprint reader.

The connection to the keyboard is via a small 4-pin connector, and a touchpad is not missing to control the cursor. We'll have plenty of it, and will be covering all the big announcements of the day - even the devices that won't be coming to the UK. And that's how much you'd have to pay for the Pixel 3 XL in Hong Kong right now.