Sony confirms a 'next-generation' PlayStation is in development

Sony confirms a 'next-generation' PlayStation is in development

While that may seem like an obvious statement, the push to streaming services and gaming from the cloud have, well, clouded the situation. This is on top of an expected Xbox Two console that would rival the PS5.

Speaking to TIME Magazine in June 2017, Ryan said: "When we've dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much".

Sony looks set to bring backwards compatibility to its home console with the launch of the Playstation 5, according to a new patent.

Sony's Kenichiro Yoshida sat down with the Financial Times recently to talk about the next generation console in response to the growing popularity of the mobile games market and consumer habits.

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That makes sense if streaming is to be the focus, since the whole point is that the device you play the game on doesn't have to be that powerful. Currently, details on the new system were not disclosed and Sony refuses to give the console a name for the time being. Kodera still sees potential in portable gaming, and thinks it shouldn't be separated from console gaming but seen as another way to experience gaming. Rather than focusing on streaming games over the internet - a la Netflix - Sony is apparently working on a more powerful box for running prettier games.

The PlayStation 4 is the base model of Sony's current console, whereas the PlayStation 4 Pro is a visual step up.

But don't expect the PlayStation 5 any time soon. That's not as surprising, as the PS4 has dominated this console generation, repeatedly topping the Xbox One in U.S. and worldwide sales, month after month.