Stardew Valley Is Headed To Smartphones With iOS Version Arriving October 24

Stardew Valley Is Headed To Smartphones With iOS Version Arriving October 24

The London-based development studio have been working on the ports for about a year. Maybe the mobile ports will get it afterwards as well?

Stardew Valley, however, is doing one thing better than other games that have mobile ports.

Are you planning to revisit Pelican Town?

One day Stardew Valley will be on as many platforms as the original Doom.

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Initially created as an homage to classic Japanese Nintendo series "Harvest Moon", the calm routine and gentle progress of "Stardew Valley" fast won over a community of fans upon its 2012 announcement by Barone, also known by his online handle ConcernedApe. It's the full single-player game with a new interface rebuilt for touch screens. On the bright side, developers announced that PC players will be able to transfer their save data to the iOS version via iTunes (make sure to back up your save first though).

While Stardew Valley will feature singleplayer content up to version 1.3, it won't have multiplayer or mod support. This will not affect work on the multiplayer update for consoles, which is being developed by the team at Sickhead Games. "While the game will launch first on the iOS App Store, The Secret Police are now working on finishing up the Android version, and I hope to give you more news about an exact launch date soon". It's unclear whether the Android version will take the same approach or deliver a free-to-play solution. Mods aren't supported and any save data that's transferred containing mods can cause compatibility issues.

The exciting news that the game will be heading to iPhone wasn't the only good news.