Vaccines readily available as flu season begins

Vaccines readily available as flu season begins

"That can mean bringing along a stuffed animal or having the child look at pictures on a cell phone."The CDC advises that vaccinations begin at 6 months old and continue getting the shot every year.Despite decades of effective vaccines, there are still people who are unwilling to get the shot.Kate Mills, a clinical nurse specialist with Howard Community Regional Health, said much of the resistance comes from a poor understanding of the vaccination and disease.She's heard people say they never got the flu before, but that doesn't have any particular indication for the future, she said".

October is the best time to get a flu shot.

Influenza is a highly contagious viral illness that is particularly unsafe for young children, pregnant women, people with chronic medical conditions and elderly people.

49 million people were sickened by flu, roughly the combined population of Texas and Florida.

Absolutely not, say researchers, who found that last year's shot will not in any way reduce the flu-fighting strength of this year's shot.

"Even healthy children can become severely ill and die from the flu", warned study author Huong McLean.

Last year, flu activity started its rise in November and remained at high levels for several weeks into the first part of 2018. "However, with the vaccine, most people will have less severe symptoms and a shorter recovery period.Flu prevention" People don't realize that family, close friends, people you go to church with, that when you get the shot you protect them", said Karen Long, the immunization director at the Howard County Health Department.

Adequate supplies of flu vaccine are expected to be available for this year's flu season. In fact, less than four in 10 adults were protected against flu and its complications last winter, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So, she added, "Getting the flu vaccine every year is the single best way to protect against the flu".

The flu activity report was published October 26 in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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For H1N1, the vaccine is up to 60 percent effective, as it is for the influenza B viruses.

More than 48 million people got the flu last season, and almost 80,000 people died from the flu. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.

It's still unclear what this coming flu season will be like.

Did the flu vaccine work?

For the latest investigation, about half the pediatric participants - at an average age of nearly 7 - were given one of two types of flu shots in 2013: either the live-attenuated influenza vaccine or the inactivated influenza vaccine.

"This is the flawless time", said the CDC's Fry, noting that flu activity is still relatively low.

Ultimately, the team observed that children who had also been vaccinated the year before in 2012 ended up with stronger LAIV protection against one type of flu, H3N2, in 2013, compared with those who hadn't been vaccinated in the prior year.

While encouraging parents to talk to their pediatrician if they have any questions or concerns, McLean stressed that "the flu vaccine is safe for children and adults".

The Flu Shot Monitor's findings are also helpful in understanding why so many seniors are choosing to forgo the vaccine.