Black Ops 4 PS4 Update Adds Nuketown Map; Full Patch Notes Released

Black Ops 4 PS4 Update Adds Nuketown Map; Full Patch Notes Released

In case you've already completely decimated the array of maps available in Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch is adding fan-favourite Nuketown to its multiplayer warfare. "Visit Nuketown Today! And play for free first on PS4".

Activision updates typically go live at around 6pm United Kingdom time, so expect to see Nuketown make an appearance in time for an evening of Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

One of the things that is guaranteed to happen in a new Call of Duty title is that Nuketown will eventually make an appearance.

The news was announced alongside a short teaser, which confirms a Russian setting for the map.

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Spawn points have been a point of contention for Black Ops 4 players with the spawns in multiplayer games sometimes putting players right in front of enemies after they either die or eliminate an opponent.

"Finally, we've got some major game updates coming early next week". Shown below are all 114 released and unreleased Black Ops 4 gun camos that are in the game!

The patch notes also confirm a series of stability fixes for Zombies mode, a few weapon rebalances, and some general bug fixes. Treyarch has also revealed that they'll be more effectively kicking out inactive players in order to make sure that players are actually playing with proper team players.