Call of Duty Companion App Announced, Out for iOS and Adriod Today

Call of Duty Companion App Announced, Out for iOS and Adriod Today

More often than not, though, Blackout engagements will come down to a combination of skill, luck of the draw, and having a weapon you know and trust in your holster.

In addition, players can also use their CoD Points to purchase tiers in the Operation: First Strike event, in order to unlock the rewards offered in higher tiers sooner rather than unlocking them by playing.

Activision has revealed that there is a new companion app for Call of Duty.

Today's update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is live for the console versions of the game, with a PC update following shortly.

Inside the game mode there is a secret series of challenges for players to complete, called Dark Ops challenges. Now available for PlayStation 4, Black Ops 4 microtransactions will be rolling out to Xbox One and PC next week. A number of Sniper Rifles have been buffed to make them actually possible to pick over the Paladin, and LMG's have been toned down as people were finding them to be a bit too effective. Furthermore, CoD Points can also be used to obtain new Special Orders in the Black Market. This update follows the big update that was received earlier for PS4 players that added CoD Points to the Black Market as redeemable currency.

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Treyarch has released a new game settings update for Black Ops 4 that includes some major changes to the Black Market and PC bug fixes.

An active post on the r/Games Reddit has numerous fans voicing their complaints about the amount of microtransactions that have been placed in the game for cosmetic items following the release of Operation: First Strike.

COD Points are also now live on PS4, with availability on other platforms to follow next week. If players had any CoD Points left on previous titles, they will transfer over to Black Ops 4 as well.

Special Orders provide a new content stream to unlock in the Black Market with their own set of cosmetic items. Whilst full six-player parties are now able to access Chaos Domination. In truth, it's hardly any different from how Fortnite's Battlepass works.

Do you plan on using this Call of Duty companion app?