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Collapsing buildings in Marseille: a 3rd body found in the rubble

Collapsing buildings in Marseille: a 3rd body found in the rubble

Rescuers worked throughout the night to look for victims in the rubble of two dilapidated blocks of flats which collapsed suddenly on Monday morning not far from the centre of the Mediterranean port city.

The bodies of two men and one woman have been found in the rubble of two buildings that collapsed in the city of Marseille on Monday, the local fire brigade said, while searches continued for other people who might be buried.

"We've found some pockets of air that means we still have some hope of finding and identifying a survivor", Castaner said.

Firefighters in the southern French city of Marseille say they have found a third body in the ruins of two buildings that collapsed a day ago as the rescue operation continues.

Rescue work has been hampered by heavy rain, and evidence suggests the collapse has destabilised neighbouring buildings.

The collapse has highlighted concerns over the condition of up to 6,000 buildings in Marseille, which have been estimated to be in similarly poor fix.

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Only one of the buildings, number 65, was occupied.

"It's been 10 years that I've been living here and I've never had anyone come and inspect my apartment", another local resident called Sophie told AFP.

Google Street View images from July show that building with boarded-up windows and damage to the facade.

A young waiter watched the scene with tears in his eyes, anxious for news of an Italian woman who lived in the building. However, according to neighbors, it is at the time of the tragedy could be people, particularly the homeless.

Emergency crews were searching for as many as eight people feared buried in the debris, Marseille public prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux added on Tuesday. In 2011 the local authorities began a plan to renovate the city centre, but a 2015 government report suggested that 100,000 Marseille residents were living in housing risky to their health or security.