Destiny 2 Isn't Performing as Well as Activision Would Like

Destiny 2 Isn't Performing as Well as Activision Would Like

Despite the Forsaken DLC being a step in the right direction for Destiny 2, the game has still failed to meet expectations as far as sales and "re-engaging" the franchise go. This could be troublesome as although Destiny 2's current microtransactions are relatively unoffensive at the moment we could see a shift to more aggressive tactics.

Activision's Coddy Johnson said that "While forsaken is a high-quality expansion with strong engagement and new modes of play, it did not achieve our commercial expectations..." Noting a "lower year after year" profit (and how World of Warcraft helped them grow), Johnson explained that this happened because the "full core" has not re-engaged with the game.

Activision is intent on finding new ways to monetize the game, presumably in an effort to better its margin moving forward. Johnson added that this applies to all of Activision's other franchises too.

Essentially, Activision Blizzard sees the path to making money from "Destiny 2" as a constant drip feed of payments from active players in the game either for cosmetic items or for the expansion packs. No stranger to this is Activision, who's Call of Duty franchise is now expected to have some sort of microtransaction-type system built in with each new entry.

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Activision has already been implementing that exact strategy. That surge in joy could be seen in sales numbers for the game as well, as Destiny 2 was offered for free in September over on PS Plus, resulting in plenty of purchases of its expansion content. It was also temporarily free on PC recently.

Destiny 2's not exactly in crisis though as the number of monthly active users still grew compared to both the last quarter and the a year ago - so it's not as if player numbers are falling. "Some players we think are still in "wait and see" mode". So when you're in, you're deeply engaged.

At, issue, Johnson believes, isn't whether "Destiny 2's" expansion is any good, but that people aren't willing to buy the base game to then pay for it.