Ex-Nurse Admits To Killing 100 Patients

Ex-Nurse Admits To Killing 100 Patients

Former nurse Niels Hoegel, accused of killing more than 100 patients in his care, will go on trial Tuesday in the biggest serial killing trial in Germany's post-war history.

As the proceedings opened in the northern city of Oldenburg, the presiding judge, Sebastian Buehrmann, asked whether the charges against him were accurate and Hoegel confessed to "more or less" all of them.

"What I have admitted took place", he said.

But he surprised the court on the first day of his trial by admitting to all 100 murders he is charged with, at the Delmenhorst and Oldenburg hospitals.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.

Hoegel is already serving a life sentence for six convictions, including homicide and attempted homicide.

A minute of silence was observed prior to the trial, which was held in a nearby hall to accommodate all of the plaintiffs and legal support staff. 'The aim is for Hoegel to stay in custody as long as possible'.

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The crimes were committed during his time at a hospital in Oldenburg between 1999 and 2002 and also in a hospital in Delmenhorst from 2003 to 2005. Prisoners serving life sentences are usually considered for parole after 15 years.

The magazine also reported the prosecution exhumed 134 bodies to examine for traces of drugs Hoegel may have used, however more than 100 of the former patients were cremated.

Police said fellow nurses and doctors should have brought Hoegel's actions to light sooner. That prompted investigators to take a closer look at suspicious deaths in Oldenburg.

The death toll may be even higher than now assumed, because some victims - ages between 34 and 96 - were cremated.

Hoegel is accused of giving his victims various non-prescribed drugs, in an attempt to show off his resuscitation skills to colleagues and fight off boredom.

His mass murder went unnoticed for years, partially because numerous patients he treated were already critically ill and because Hoegel tried to resuscitate his victims after deliberately putting them on the brink of death.

Police are said to believe the true number of his victims could be as high as 300.