Fallout 76 File Size and Day-One Patch Is Huge

Fallout 76 File Size and Day-One Patch Is Huge

In a recent Reddit post, Bethesda commented on the changes it was looking to make before or for launch, as well as post-launch. Though in the case of Fallout 76 it seems pointless when you consider that you need to be online to play the game.

Following the conclusion of the Fallout 76 BETA yesterday, Fallout 76 is now available to pre-load on Xbox One, according to Bethesda. Among these are a larger stash and the addressing of certain exploits. Bethesda claimed that its goal with voice chat being on by default is to highlight that the world is alive with real people, other players like you. Bethesda acknowledges that having a slider often interferes with the games' animations and hasn't supported them in any of its previous titles.

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Issues with social menu and inviting friends/making teams/etc.: Those who were experiencing issues with the social components will find that many of these issues have been fixed.

Exploits of Various Types: Many exploits we've seen reported have been known and will be addressed in a future update. We will continue to fix issues as they arise as fast as we're able to, so keep letting us know when you run into them. Aside from the bug that deleted the entire game from your console, players have dealt with the usual bugs expected from a Bethesda game as well as providing feedback on Fallout 76's key mechanics. The Fallout 76 Power Armour Edition is $199 (around Rs. 14,000) in the U.S. with Bethesda's distributor, E-xpress having no plans to bring it to India. In the process, you can also pick up from free goodies for your PlayStation Network profile if you want, some wallpaper for whichever digital device you think needs more Fallout 76 branding, and even enter a giveaway contest just for showing up.