Fortnite hits 8.3M concurrent players

Fortnite hits 8.3M concurrent players

If you thought Fortnite already reached its peak, think again.

The colossal figure was supplied by Epic Games Korea CEO Sung Chul Park during an interview with Inven.

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The number was reported following the release of Fortnite in South Korea and recent in-game "Cube" events. And its growth shows no sign of slowing down! That's 8.3 million people playing the game simultaneously. Expect Epic's numbers to only increase as word of the game spreads in South Korea and additional systems come online over the holidays. Fortnite has amassed some five million players since February of this year, where the standing total was around 3.4 million riding the battle bus.

August was reported by Epic Games to be the "biggest month yet" for the popular Battle Royale title at the time with over 78.3 million players across all platforms. So if you are a Steelers' fan and hooked on Fortnite your worlds will collide soon.