Google Chrome to Warn You About Shady Subscription Pages

Google Chrome to Warn You About Shady Subscription Pages

You also don't know that whether your browser is going to protect you from such bad side of the internet or not but, Google thought about your well being and is going to completely change that. However, if you're visiting a site that tries to bill your phone number for a subscription disguised as a one off fee, Google will immediately alert you.

"That's why starting from Chrome 71 (December 2018), Chrome will show a warning before these pages, so that users can make informed decisions when signing up to mobile-based subscription services".

An example of a mobile subscription scam.

According to Google, millions of people every month stumble upon pages with insufficient mobile subscription information and wind up accidentally signed up for premium texting services and other unwanted plans. This warning will help unaware users, and the tech giant will offer them with a choice to proceed to the page or go back if they so prefer.

Usually, developers are expected to make the billing data visible and obvious enough to users, and also display the actual cost and have a simple fee structure.

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If Google identifies subscription pages on a site that do not follow the above best practices then a notification will be sent in Search Console.

Site owners can use the Abusive Experiences Report in their Google Search Console to see if their site contains any of these abusive experiences they need to correct or remove.

Google has unveiled a series of best practices for on Chrome, which includes telling the user how much they'll be charged, what they'll be charged for, how long for, and ensuring those details are clear and visible.

The focus appears to be mobile sites, but Google says warnings will appear "on Chrome mobile, Chrome desktop and Android's WebView" if Chrome detects pages that don't provide sufficient billing information.

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