Indonesian airline passengers revolt over sacks of stinky durian

Indonesian airline passengers revolt over sacks of stinky durian

The Indonesia flight was due to travel between Sumatra and Jakarta on Monday morning, when travellers realised (by catching a whiff of it) they'd be journeying in the company of crates full of durian fruit.

A cargo of durian caused an Indonesian plane to be temporarily grounded after passengers complained about the fruit's room-clearing stench in the cabin.

Passengers on the flight demanded the fruit be unloaded before the plane took off due to the bad stench.

Staff eventually caved into pressure and allowed for the fruit to be transferred to the cargo hold.

The flight eventually took off around 11:40am local time (04:40 GMT), an hour later than scheduled.

"Durian is not classified as a hazardous material to be transported on a plane", Abdul said. "I complained to the stewardess but they told me to just fill up a complaint form", passenger Amir Zidane wrote on Facebook, the BBC reported.

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Following the incident, Sriwajiya Air said the airline was within its rights to carry the fruit in cargo.

The durian, regarded by many people in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits', often provokes a deeply divided response. Many airlines do this", Sriwijaya Air senior corporate communications manager Retri Maya said in a statement to the Post on Tuesday.

Crew members assured him the smell would vanish as soon as the plane was in the air.

After passengers who had already boarded the plane chose to get off, the staff made a decision to acquiesce and unloaded the fruit, a process that delayed the flight by an hour but it landed safely in Jakarta. Some countries have banned patrons from carrying and eating it on public transportation, airlines, and accommodation services.

Sriwijaya Air later insisted that it was not illegal to transport durian "as long as it is wrapped properly in accordance with flight regulations - carried inside the hold".

It was at that point that Zidane turned to his fellow passengers and asked who wanted to fly with such a smell.They all shouted back: "Not us!".