It sounds like Tyronn Lue was J.R. Smith's breaking point

It sounds like Tyronn Lue was J.R. Smith's breaking point

Cleveland guard JR Smith told reporters Thursday, November 1, he'd like to be traded from a Cavs team that appears determined not to use him, an admission that could see him fined by the National Basketball Association.

Dan Gilbert has no need for J.R. Smith and neither does the Cavs roster in the direction it's headed after a 1-7 start.

Despite having served as the Cavs' starting shooting guard for all four of their NBA Finals appearances, Smith's playing time has dipped big time in the post-LeBron James era. Regardless of who's out there, who's not out there, I'm always going to be a good teammate to my teammates. Regardless how hard it is to walk in here and actually put on, as hard as it may sound, to put on a Cavs jersey or shirt, I can't do that to my teammates.

It's been a tough opening month for the Cavs, who fired Lue and believed they were replacing him with assistant Larry Drew.

On top of that, All-Star Kevin Love is expected to miss weeks with a toe injury.

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"I don't mind taking a back seat or sitting down or if you don't want me to play - I don't mind that", he said.

Smith is out of the rotation and he has discussed with the front office of the Cavaliers the possibility of leaving the team until a trade can be found. "Cheer for 'em, help 'em as much as they want me to help. I can't do that to the fans".

He is making $14.7 million this season and has a non-guaranteed $15 million next year.

According to a league source, trading Smith is "easier said than done".