Mario Segale - the namesake for everybody's favorite plumber - passes away at 84

Mario Segale - the namesake for everybody's favorite plumber - passes away at 84

Mario Segale, the alleged inspiration for the incredibly popular Nintendo character Super Mario, has passed away at the age of 84. Miyamoto also mistakenly suggested Segale "had a striking resemblance to the character that we had designed in Japan for the game", showing how much the story can become mangled with the passage of time even among some of the game's principal players. As gaming historian Benj Edwards noted in 2010, a close associate of Segale's confirmed that he wasn't very tall, and wore suspenders rather than overalls.

Segale evaded notoriety throughout the last three decades, according to an investigation by PC World. Because of his desire for privacy, few pictures of him exist online.

In his limited spare time, Segale loved 'hunting, fishing, his airplane, a good joke, the color red, great Italian food (with no cheese!), an excellent cigar and his view of Puget Sound'. Shigeru Miyamoto had created the Mario character for his game Donkey Kong, but was calling him Jumpman and his girlfriend "Lady".

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Nintendo wanted proper names for the characters, so they named the hero after their landlord and the lady Pauline after a Nintendo of America employee's wife.

Had Mario appeared as Jumpman or worse, Mr.

Seagle always kept a low profile according to his obituary and that he wanted to be remembered for achievements. He started his own construction company soon after graduating high school in 1952.

Mario Segale is survived by his wife, four children, and nine grandchildren. Several years later, he sold the land where the Emerald Downs casino and racetrack had been built in Auburn, Wash., for $73.6 million.