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Merkel backs Macron's call for a 'real' European army

Merkel backs Macron's call for a 'real' European army

Merkel also said Europe should work on a vision "to create a real European army one day".

This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a speech in the European Parliament, which was broadcasted by satellite television to the European Commission, reports "European true".

She was more tactful in putting it in the context of being an independent partner than Macron was when he said a European army might also face the United States as an opponent.

Merkel told members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France the days where Europe can unconditionally rely on other nations (the United States) are gone.

The Head of the German government added, "We must take more responsibility for our fate, if we wish to strengthen ourselves as a Community".

Merkel told the European Parliament such an army would not undermine the US -led military alliance North Atlantic Treaty Organisation but would be complementary to it, remarks that were met with loud applause in the legislature though also with boos from nationalist members. The US president escalated his attack on Tuesday with a number of insulting tweets. However, because of Brexit, it will no longer have any say.

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Macron's statement didn't exactly sit well with US President Donald Trump, who lashed out at his French counterpart on Tuesday and noted that France's problem during World War II wasn't the US, Russia, or China - it was Germany.

President Trump responded to Macron's remarks on Friday on Twitter, saying the French president's suggestion to form a European army to guard against the U.S.

As head of the EU's largest economy, Merkel has wielded considerable influence in the bloc during her almost 13 years as chancellor.

"To me, Merkel's warmongering speech - which was made just over 48 hours after Europe marked the centenary of the Great War Armistice- is nothing less than shameless warmongering that aims to pit the whole of Europe against traditional allies such as the US".

The German Chancellor argued that creating an European Union army would also be important for the peace within the continent.

Her call for a European army at some distant, unspecified point in the future rings hollow given her reluctance to spend a single euro more on Germany's own army, which lacks everything from functioning fighter jets to rifles. "Yet at the same time the establishment were brushing off our warnings; plans for a powerful European Union force were being worked out in backroom deals".