Microsoft is adding LTE to the Surface Go in Canada

Microsoft is adding LTE to the Surface Go in Canada

Microsoft's new Surface Go with LTE won't only be available online.

In early July, Microsoft launched the compact Surface Go with a promise of laptop performance and tablet portability.

The built-in LTE connection means you no longer have to hunt for Wi-Fi networks when you're away from home or the office, and you won't need to tether your smartphone connection.

This is essentially just the Surface Go as you know it, but with the ability to put in a SIM and get LTE connectivity on the go.

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To be clear, the new LTE-equipped Go isn't merely the $399 model with LTE slapped on.

The LTE tablet costs $679 for consumers, and it includes 128GB of storage, 8GB RAM and the same 4415Y processor as the other models - it costs $130 more than the equivalent, top-end WiFi version.

Microsoft's Surface Go tablet. The Surface Go with LTE will come to the United Kingdom and 20 other markets on 22 November. Surface Go with LTE Advanced is available now in the U.S. for $679 to consumers and $729 to commercial customers. The latter's storage capacity has been upgraded from 128GB to 256GB, but the specs appear otherwise unchanged. The Surface Go with LTE Advanced supports AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, and two of the models are designed with businesses in mind. The devices are reportedly available for pre-order now, with an expected release date of November 20.