My Health opt-out deadline extended after controversy

My Health opt-out deadline extended after controversy

You can also ask them not to put certain things on your file like information on sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, mental illness or cosmetic surgery.

The federal Senate voted on Wednesday to extend the November 15 opt out deadline - itself an extension from the original October period - to January 31.

It will still be possible to opt-out after this date, but those who miss the deadline will have to be removed from the My Health Record system at a later date.

But in a statement to iTnews the Australian Digital Health Agency denied that the website had experienced any difficulty. You can do so by visiting the My Health Record website or by calling 1800 723 471.

"If a person leaves their details for a call back, the Help line will return the call over the coming days to opt the person out (this may be after the opt out period ends)", the spokesperson said.

Another concern was that perpetrators of domestic violence might be able to find the addresses of former partners, particularly if both are parents and have access to their children's data. "This is just ridiculous, and makes me feel angry and helpless and not in control of my information".

A Senate Committee called for changes to the legislation underpinning the record after hearing concerns that employers may try to get access to employees' My Health Record.

A spokeswoman for the Minister previously told News Corp: "My Health Record was created to save lives and has the backing of all the major medical groups including the AMA". The government says they can't see it but a Senate Committee called for this to be made clear in legislation.

The amendments would also specify that the Australian Digital Health Agency can not delegate access to patient records to other entities, that health insurers can not access records and that employers may not use them to discriminate against workers.

No health information could be released to insurers.

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Ben said he had tried opting out on the website first and was successful completing the process for his own record and one of his sons.

It includes harsher penalties for people found guilty of improperly using the system, and better protections for victims of domestic violence.

Considering the consistent privacy issues that have overhung My Health Record, you may still want to opt out as soon as possible.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said parliament was considering further changes.

"These do not constitute privacy or security breaches to the system", he said. A corrupt medical practitioner or health employee could hack the system by pretending to be a legitimate user. This happened because someone inside the system broke the law.

Labor's Health spokeswoman Catherine King said the confusion around these data breaches would only add to public concerns about the My Health Record.

"In addition, they can subsequently delete certain parts of their records once they have been upload".

But IT security experts warn there have been a series of recent high profile breaches. However, News Corp revealed this week there have been 99 data breaches of the My Health Record since 2012.

An online summary of an individual's health information, including allergies, medical conditions, treatments, medicines and test reports which can be shared securely with their clinicians.

Vijay Varadharajan, Microsoft Chair Professor in Innovation in Computing Director, acknowledged that there is a growing trend in information going digital, but there were flaws in My Health. The government and doctors hope if the bulk of the population has one of these records it will become more useful.