Netflix's Castlevania Producer Reveals Devil May Cry Multiverse Project

Netflix's Castlevania Producer Reveals Devil May Cry Multiverse Project

An animated series adaptation of Capcom's "Devil May Cry" franchise is in the works, according to IGN. And if that wasn't a wild enough announcement, Shankar also revealed that both Castlevania and Devil May Cry would together form the start of their own multiverse, dubbed the "Bootleg Multiverse". This new show will be set in the same multiverse as Castlevania, which could lead to some interesting crossovers down the line.

Shankar told IGN, "I've acquired [the Devil May Cry] rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood can't f*** this one up too". If you're anxious about how Devil May Cry might be handled given the lackluster history of video game adaptations, you might take comfort in learning that Shankar is right up there with you.

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An animated version of Devil May Cry is officially on its way to Netflix. It also helps that his work on Castlevania has been critically lauded since the series debuted on Netflix a year ago.

Netflix's Castlevania has been one of the most popular shows on Netflix over the past two seasons. Shankar also thanks fans for the positive reception for Castlevania season 2 on Netflix, which he credits for a quick third season renewal. While we don't know the timing of the planned Devil May Cry series, it's safe to say that with interest renewed for the game's arrival next spring, it's definitely time to hop on the hype train for DmC. Which characters from the games would you most like to see?