New Sony patent points to a controller with a touchscreen

New Sony patent points to a controller with a touchscreen

With Black Friday set to assault everyone's wallets and common sense very soon, Sony has announced their own PlayStation Black Friday deals, and if you're in need of some new controllers, or even want to take the PSVR plunge, you're in luck!

Sony's Playstation controllers have mostly had minor tweaks and changes over its 20-plus year history, as pointed out by The Verge. As we see pretty much every year, there will be some decent deals on hardware, so if you've been thinking about picking up a PS4 or a PSVR, you might want to courageous the masses on Black Friday. Here in the US, Sony says that these discounts will be available at retailers beginning on November 16. You can check out a wacky Sony Black Friday commercial, below.

Let's be honest, the PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers are damn near ideal.

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Starting with the core console, Sony will be serving up a new Marvel Spider-Man Standard Edition PS4 bundle for $199.99 United States dollars ($259.99 CAN). But before we get too excited, the patent is an extension of previously filed patents for other controllers (like the DualShock 3) and explicitly describes the current DualShock 4 controller to a tee. Currently, PlayStation controllers feature a touch-sensitive button in the center which lets players access menus and game-related information such as stats.

Nonetheless, this is just a patent, so we are not confident whether there will be a touchscreen in the upcoming DualShock controller for PS5 or not. The Black Friday applies to various color models, including the new Blue Camouflage, Magma Red, Midnight Blue, Gold, and Crystal.

However, IGN published an extensive list of Black Friday predictions this morning that includes one year of PlayStation Plus for just $39.99 as well as predicted discounts on a number of major PlayStation games. Sony also plans to roll out its usual PlayStation Store Black Friday game sale beginning November 16. Now, however, it's the turn of a new patent registered by Sony Computer Entertainment's headquarters in America to come out to light.