Night Sight Launched Officially for All Pixel Phones

Night Sight Launched Officially for All Pixel Phones

Another redditor who goes by the name of katiemcccc says that all messages from the Pixel 3 were erased (2 years of messages) and they didn't reappear despite restarting the phone, or installing/uninstalling updates and chatting with Google help. When it comes down to it, Night Sight is positively groundbreaking, not just for mobile photography, but photography in general. With this, Night Sight "balances the color of your photo" so that the results seem far more natural, even in low-light.

The company explains that if the device is stable, it will take more time in capturing light to minimize noise in the photo.

It appears that issues continue to affect Pixel 3 devices after the latest security updates pushed out by Google.

Taking pictures in low-light situations has always been a challenge, especially on smartphone cameras.

Stay tuned for additional information on how Night Sight works for the Google Camera app on Pixel smartphones in our main news feed on SlashGear. The process begins today, but it may take some time before it arrives on all the Pixel smartphones out there in the wild.

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I've been using Night Sight alongside the Pixel 3 this past week while visiting Paris and London. That means you can download the update for yourself a bit early over at APK Mirror.

You will need to hold the phone still, before during and after tapping the shutter key, to allow the phone to pull in as much light as possible - so ask your subjects to keep still for a few seconds for a blur-free shot.

Make sure the camera lens is clean.

To avoid going into too much detail on how photography works and why it's hard to take pictures when it's dark, we'll put it simply: good photographs require light. Though Google may end up having to play a game of cat & mouse, as ROM hackers have been able to modify imaging applications to get it working on third-party phones as well.