Rihanna Sends Trump Cease-And-Desist Letter Over Rally Music

Rihanna Sends Trump Cease-And-Desist Letter Over Rally Music

The "Disturbia" hitmaker was fuming when she realised the USA president had been playing "Don't Stop The Music" at a rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It's not clear whether Rihanna's team has yet taken legal action against the Trump campaign, but she did call the rallies "tragic", which is almost as damaging.

"Unfortunately, the Trump campaign is using loopholes in the various venues' blanket performance licenses which were not intended for such craven political purposes, without the songwriters' consent", Rose added. In response to Rucker's tweet, the "Diamonds" songstress dismissed the idea of her or any of her fans attending a Trump rally and thanked the Washington Post reporter for the "heads up".

"You have the opportunity to make history this election", Rihanna wrote on Instagram.

Last week, Pharrell Wiliams had his lawyer send a cease-and-desist letter to Trump to stop playing Happy at his political events.

Sting and Tom Petty objected to former President George W. Bush's use of their music.

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The Guns N' Roses frontman also said the band had formally requested that its music not be used at Trump rallies or Trump-associated events.

Barbadian-born superstar Rihanna is not known for holding back, so it's no surprise that she is making her stance on politics in the United States loud and clear.

Please do stop the music, Donald - you've been told by Rihanna.

From Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp to Pharrell to Adele, RiRi is obviously not the first artist to ask a politician to stop playing their songs, but do they have to listen?

Rihanna is the latest musician to hit POTUS with a cease and desist order over the unauthorized use of her music at a recent campaign rally.

After Trump frequently used "It's the End of the World" at campaign rallies, the band responded with legal action and a tweet to Republicans: "Go fuck yourselves, the lot of you - you sad, attention grabbing, power-hungry little men".