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Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane

Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane

Above, Russian jet fighters SU-47 (right), SU-35 (top left) and SU-30 fly over the Russian flag in August 2003 at the Moscow International Air Show in Zhukovsky, in the Moscow region.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said the jet flew in front of plane then activated its afterburners creating more turbulence, and then matrulyde a second pass by the United States aircraft.

The U.S. Navy reported on Monday that a Russian SU-27 jet had intercepted one of its reconnaissance planes in worldwide airspace.

The Russian jet came within about 20 feet of the USA aircraft, one official said, adding that the encounter lasted about nine minutes.

The navy released a video showing the Su-27 turn sharply in front of the surveillance plane with its engines firing.

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied the Navy's claims that the Su-27 intercepted the EP-3 in an unsafe manner.

The statement from the Navy added that the EP-3 was operating within worldwide law and did not provoke the Russian jet.

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During the 25-minute intercept, the Navy said the Russian SU-27 sped directly past the front of the aircraft. Passengers reported turbulence during the first pass and vibrations from the second. The EP-3 had its transponder on at the time of the incident. "The duration of the intercept was approximately 25 minutes".

"We expect them [Russian pilots] to behave within global standards set to ensure safety and to prevent incidents", the Navy added.

Following that incident, the US State Department issued a statement accusing the Russians of "flagrantly violating existing agreements and global law".

The Navy said it expected the Russian military to act within worldwide norms and warned that "unsafe actions increase the risk of miscalculation and potential for midair collisions".

At least 17 foreign planes and UAVs flew spy missions near Russia's borders in just a week, the Defense Ministry said on November 1.

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