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Strong early voting numbers in Louisiana ahead of election

Strong early voting numbers in Louisiana ahead of election

Similar results were coming in from Snohomish County, where turnout was matching where it was at the same point in 2016.

Your voice matters. And, when it comes to what gets politicians to sit up and pay attention, your vote is your voice.

More than 1.48 million people have voted early, and more than 1.9 million people have voted by mail.

Yet election officials say it's not clear whether prepaid postage is driving increased turnout this year.

In both Craven and Carteret County, turnout is even higher. Among lower-key elections, however, participation seems to be slightly higher among registered Democrats, which McDonald suggests could be a effect of voters channeling discontent with national politics into their local races.

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The county operates 46 early voting locations, and more than 700 polling places will be open Tuesday.

In past presidential years, two-thirds to three-fourths of voters cast early ballots, de Leon said. Republican Kevin Hern faces Democrat Tim Gilpin in the race for U.S. House District 1. Postmark dates don't count.

All voters who vote in person must provide identification.

This is your chance, Washington.