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There are six silver linings for Trump in his midterm results

There are six silver linings for Trump in his midterm results

President Donald Trump, taking stock of the election results during a White House press conference, downplayed Democrats' retaking of the House and highlighted GOP gains in the Senate.

With winners called in all but one statewide race, Republicans were on pace to gain three seats in the Senate and defended their lead in governorships by a two-seat margin.

On the potential for House investigations, Pelosi said Democrats will have a "responsibility for oversight" when they take charge in January and she will leave final decisions to committees.

Several ambitious Democrats easily won re-election, including presidential prospects Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of MA and Kirsten Gillibrand of NY.

Mr Trump was expected to further address the results at a White House news conference later on Wednesday.

A woman holds a sign during a rally in Chicago to inspire voter turnout ahead of the November 6 midterm elections in the United States. Trump would merely need to defend them, fold them into the White House's message, and convince voters they were an administration priority.

Blackburn, a conservative lawmaker closely tied to the President, looked to nationalize the Senate race as much as possible, hoping to tap into the same conservatism that elected Trump in order to blunt some goodwill Bredesen had built up during his two terms as governor.

In Minnesota, Omar, a 36-year-old naturalized American citizen and state representative, campaigned on policies embraced by the Democratic Party's most liberal wing: universal health care, free college tuition and robust public housing. The midterm elections were supposed to be a referendum on the president.

In locking down a majority, Democratic candidates flipped seats in several suburban districts outside Washington, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Denver and Dallas that were considered prime targets for turnover because they were won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The president's party will maintain control of the executive and judicial branches of the government, in addition to the Senate, but Democrats suddenly have a foothold that gives them subpoena power to probe deep into Trump's personal and professional missteps - and his long-withheld tax returns. And in the aftermath of Tuesday's midterm elections, the Republican Party is increasingly exclusively the party of Trump.

Republicans must also loudly promote their success with two of the country's most enduring, important issues: the economy and national security.

Women won at least 85 seats in the House, a record.

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At 29, Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Republican Ron DeSantis ousted Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum by less than one percentage point in a hotly contested race in Florida; Mike DeWine won the governorship in OH; and Republican Brian Kemp was ahead of Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams by 1.6 points with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

Only two other Muslims have been elected to Congress, and both are men now in office: Ellison and Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson.

"We will conduct the investigations that Republicans wouldn't conduct", Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell of California said on NBC's "Today" show.

But Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer sounded a dissonant note, calling Mr. Trump a "poor negotiator" and suggesting Congress works better when the president butts out.

In an indication of how the president's frightful rhetoric over migrant caravans marching toward the U.S. -Mexico border animated Republican base voters, immigration was top-of-mind for about 23 percent of voters, and they broke 78 percent to 20 percent for Republicans. Here are some of the silver linings that Trump can take from Tuesday's vote. The president endorsed Nancy Pelosi to be the speaker of the House and said that the two parties are equally invested in delivering legislation on infrastructure, health care, prescription drug prices, and veterans affairs. The rise of the Tea Party was a sign of the level of opposition against Obama.

Democrats saw wins come in for more moderate candidates.

Pennsylvania was particularly daunting for Republicans after court-imposed redistricting and a rash of retirements put several seats in play.

Who are the new faces in Congress?

Democrats failed to defeat a vulnerable incumbent in Kentucky, where Republican Rep. Andy Barr won over former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath.

Noem voted in favor of Obamacare repeal, punishment of so-called sanctuary cities, and the Republican tax law while serving in the US House. Current results have Democrats controlling 222 seats to the Republicans' 196, with 17 contests still undeclared, according to the Associated Press. While acknowledging the undeniable reality that Democrats gained control of the House, his preferred topic was the Senate, where the Republicans expanded their majority.

The GOP campaign committee distanced itself from eight-term Rep. Steve King of Iowa after he was accused of racism and anti-Semitism, but he won anyway.

Republican Kristi Noem beat out Democrat Billie Sutton in the unexpectedly close South Dakota governor's race, and she will be sworn in next year as the first woman elected to the state's highest office.