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TRUMPED: One-party rule ends in U.S. as Democrats recapture House

TRUMPED: One-party rule ends in U.S. as Democrats recapture House

The mixed verdict in the first nationwide election of Trump's young presidency underscored the limits of his hardline immigration rhetoric in America's evolving political landscape, where college-educated voters in the nation's suburbs rejected his warnings of a migrant "invasion". Bill Nelson, D-Fla. will be the second Democrat to lose his Finance committee seat if he fails to overtake incumbent Gov. Rick Scott in a potential Florida Senate recount. The ties between the two men, who are said to communicate frequently, could come under increased scrutiny by Democrats.

"I'd love to get along and I think after the election a lot of things can happen", Trump said.

If they do win control of the House, Democrats will try to harden USA policy toward Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea, while maintaining the status quo on hot-button areas like China and Iran. The GOP did add to its majority in the Senate.

That call did not stop him from getting his digs in a Wednesday tweet, saying: "Those that worked with me in this incredible Midterm Election, embracing certain policies and principles, did very well". Now we want to say goodbye'?

Taking credit for gains in the Senate while minimizing losses in the House, Trump said Republicans "defied history".

Trump reeled off a shopping list of disadvantages he claimed that the Republicans had faced going into Tuesday's vote, including "wealthy donors and special interests" for the Democrats, and "very hostile media coverage".

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will begin to examine the monies that the president and his family have earned as a result of foreign diplomats staying at hotels the Trump Organization manages - it doesn't outright own them - in Washington and NY.

"Tomorrow will be a new day in America", declared House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who would be in line to become the next House speaker.

"Now you don't have to worry if you're going to call me congressman or congresswoman or congress lady", Blackburn said in her victory speech. President Trump wants as much as $5 billion to fund the southern border wall, but senior House Democratic advisers have told ABC News that Democrats, with a newly-reclaimed majority - will be loathe to provide one cent for that kind of funding.

"We're looking at that, and I do want to study whatever is being said. She has earned this great honour!"

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"Certain members of the press can not stand the fact that President Trump and Republicans defied expectations in the midterm elections - actually growing our Senate majority", he said.

The president told reporters at the White House that he won despite historic odds.

At least 64 House races remain competitive, according to a Reuters analysis of the three top nonpartisan forecasters, and Senate control was expected to come down to a half dozen close contests in Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana and Florida.

Early in the press conference, Mr. Trump called CNN's Jim Acosta a "rude, awful person" after the reporter berated the president and refused to give up the microphone after wrestling it away from a young female White House aide.

The Democrats gained more than the 23 seats they needed for a majority in the 435-seat House of Representatives.

The Intelligence Committee will press ahead with the Russia election meddling investigation, and Mr Trump's business relations with Russians. Claire McCaskill in Missouri and Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine defeating Democrat Richard Cordray in the race for OH governor.

And, indeed, after Mr Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday, putting the Mueller probe in jeopardy, Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler warned that he meant to lead a House Judiciary Committee examination.

Trump spent election night watching returns with family and friends at the White House, his shadow looming large over the results.

Anticipating the possibility of keeping the Senate but losing the House, aides in recent days had laid out the political reality to Trump, who could face an onslaught of Democratic-run investigations.