Update brings mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One

Update brings mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One

While there isn't an official confirmation from Microsoft on this information just yet, the report details that the console is slated to release in 2019 and will not allow users to insert discs into the console.

Microsoft is working on a new Xbox One console for 2019 and it's not going to have a disc drive, according to a report from tech blogger Paul Thurrott.

As for the disc-less version of the Xbox One that Microsoft could also be planning for next year, the report says that it could be as much as $100 cheaper than the current Xbox One S, which is usually priced at $299. By removing the disc drive.

That didn't come to fruition, but according to the usually reliable Paul Thurrott, Microsoft is getting ready to have another try. The new disc-free hardware is also separate from Microsoft's reported plans for a streaming-focused box, codenamed Scarlett, that is now expected in the 2020 timeframe.

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Already have a collection of disc-based Xbox One games?

Given Microsoft's original digital game-focused launch strategy for the Xbox One, this move definitely isn't surprising, particularly as purchasing games digitally becomes increasingly common.

All this comes alongside a new Xbox One S that is also said to arrive soon, one which does feature a disc but will apparently further lower the cost of entry into the world of Xbox.

For those unaware, Xbox Live Gold lets one to play online multiplayer for certain Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, with the subscription also providing access to several free games that Microsoft offers up each month through its Games With Gold program.